Introducing my John Lewis
my John Lewis is a membership card that helps us get to know more about you every time you shop with us. Sign up today and start enjoying a range of rewards.
Membership card
Exclusive rewards
Along with your membership card, as a member you'll get
Previews and inside news from us
Invitations to exclusive local events
Entry into a regular prize draw every time you use your card
Exclusive rewards and offers that are just right for you
Your membership card is also linked to your online account - so if you are shopping on, all you need to do so is log in.
How it works
To join online, if you don't already have a account, simply register below.
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If you do have an account, just log in as usual and update your details as shown.
You can join in one of our shops when you are making a purchase too - pick up a temporary card leaflet, remove the card and hand it to a Partner at the till point.
We'll mail you with instructions on how to complete your registration online, and you should receive your welcome pack and permanent card within 2 weeks of registering.