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5 / 5
Brilliant product!
20 October 2014
Location:Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK
After reading all the positive reviews here I invested in Ewan for our baby son and we are delighted with him! He makes noise for a nice length of time (about 20 mins or so) to allow a baby to settle. We use the harp lullaby every evening when we give our son his bottle and put him to bed, he seems really soothed by it :-)
5 / 5
13 October 2014
Location:London, UK
Ewan is amazing!
We would not be able to sleep without him. So much better than other sleep type items, we have brought that did not work as well.
We will buy Russell the sheep dog, when my baby is older.Hope he works just as good as Ewan.
5 / 5
Converted gimmick cynic!
13 October 2014
Location:Worthing, West Sussex, UK
I bought this item for my nephew who was having trouble settling. After reading the product information I was a little cynical as not everything 'does what it says on the tin'. I read the reviews and was persuaded to give it a go and the result is nothing short of amazing! My 6 week old nephew can now be calmed and settled without the need for his mother to constantly soothe him. Where was this when I had my kids? This is definitely my choice of gift for the current onslaught of Baby Showers I am now having to face ;)
5 / 5
30 September 2014
I've never left a review but felt I had to for this as it's been great for us. We bought Ewan for our daughter when she was a couple of months old. We were having to spend a while rocking her to sleep for naps and at bedtime but since having Ewan we just put her in her cot awake and put the melody on. We haven't had to rock her to sleep since we've had it (over 6 weeks now). Recommend to anybody having trouble settling their baby to sleep.
1 / 5
faulty faulty faulty
17 September 2014
Location:Nottinghamshire, UK
I have a problem with this sheep.
It's amazing and my son loves it and can't sleep without it.
My problem is finding one that works!!! I'm on my fifth sheep
(In 4 months)which has just woke me up again (and baby) with its crazy beeping and then random noise playing.
I bought ewen from John Lewis who are brilliant at giving exchanges. However, I am fed up with having to go into town, pay expensive car parking fees and have the hassle of taking my baby with me all to get another sheep. I wouldn't mind of course if it worked next time but I fear my hope is fading. What is going on dream sheep manufacturer (who don't appear to have any contact info on the web) I've had sheep stop playing noises altogether (despite new batteries) some playing only one of the sounds and now one that didn't play the lullaby sound at first and now will only play that sound until it starts mad beeping and then a selection of each noise randomly. This is the worse so far having never worked from the start. Next time I'm going into John Lewis with my little screwdriver and batteries to test it before leaving the shop.
Great product if only it worked and now my son loves it I'm stuck with a quest to find one that works!
1 comment
Posted 11 October 2014
We are the manufacturers of ewan the dream sheep and are sorry to hear you have been experiencing problems with your sheep. It is such a shame you did not contact us directly, we have a 'contact us' section on our Sweet Dreamers website, as we would have been only too happy to send you a replacement without the need for you to make a journey into town. We are not sure how you have received a 'beeping' ewan, the beep sound has been removed from our products over 18 months ago. We take our quality control issues very seriously and are extremely concerned with the issues you have raised. If you have any further concerns please contact us in the first instance and we will be happy to help. In the meantime we will be making a full report to our factory with regards to your comments, as what you have described is extremely rare. We have had 1000's of satisfied customers and always strive to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Sincere apologies once more for the inconvenience you have experienced. If you wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact us via our website.
5 / 5
Ewan the magical sheep!!
11 September 2014
Location:North East
We bought this for our 14 week old baby when he was 6 weeks old, from the first
Night we switched him on our little treasure has slept in his own room all night it takes about 10 minutes for him to nod off with Ewan the magic sheep! One of our top baby buys! Highly recommended although at first I was sceptical as it was a bit pricey for what we thought would just be another gimmick claiming to work miricles ...... It actually does! I wouldn't hesitate buying a new 1 if anything went wrong with it, it's worth every penny for a happy baby boy and rested mammy & daddy! Just brilliant!
5 / 5
Fantastic Product
22 August 2014
I wasn't sure about this product when it was recommended to me, I can now say I don't know how we would have survived without it.
When our baby was newborn, she would not sleep without the heartbeat sound from Ewans front left leg, it was amazing to see her instantly understand what the sound was, it soothed her to the point where she fell asleep comfortably.
It didn't stop there, however there was a phase of Ewan's non existance and we thought his presence was no longer required. I was wrong. We are now needing him to make some noise to escape the room at night when she is hearing us creep out of the room, it's been a life saver!
All in all, if your baby isn't sleeping through the night, or is waking up too regularly like ours was, this product is definately something I would recommend to try and for the price, you really have nothing to lose !
Go on yourself Ewan! Ya wee legend!
5 / 5
Best baby buy
03 August 2014
Location:London, uk
We bought this when our daughter was one week old and she is now 2 years! Best purchase ever and still going strong. Has helped her to sleep full nights, goes on every holiday with us and she now just presses the feet herself if she does wake and needs some comfort. Highly recommend.
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